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Kampot pepper and fleur de sel selection

Kampot pepper and fleur de sel selection


This box contains :

  • 1 whole red pepper 50g
  • 1 whole white pepper 50 g
  • 1 ground black pepper 50 g
  • 1 whole black pepper 150g
  • 1 mix of peppers 150g
  • 1 Fleur de sel 50g
  • 1 grinder filled with whole Kampot black pepper 55g

Kampot red pepper allows for the wildest combinations, from wild meat seasoning to vanilla desserts.

Kampot white pepper is obtained by soaking the red beries in water for a few days. It develops a delicate aroma.

Kampot black pepper delivers a strong and delicate aroma. Its taste rereveals hints of flower, eucalyptus and mint.

Kampot peppers mix is a delicate blend of black, red and white Kampot peppers flavors.

Fleur de sel is carefully hand-harvested  from Kampot province is a natural, unwashed and unrefined salt, of the highest quality.

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 16.5 × 16.5 × 10 cm
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Kampot Pepper has been renowned for decades as one of the best peppers in the world. Indeed, it develops an enthralling aroma, strong, delicate and aromatic.

It is grown, produced and sold in green, black, white and red varieties, all from the same plant. The climate of Kampot Province offers perfect conditions for growing pepper. Moreover, the quartz content of the soil helps to give its unique terroir.

Black pepper is the strongest and intensely spicy with unique mix of flavours. Red pepper offers a sweeter, fruity flavour and can even be added to sweet desserts. White pepper adds a touch of spiciness to any dishes while being the most delicate

All varieties are available at Senteurs d’Angkor and it comes in different sizes and packagings. As one our best sellers, it is a perfect gift and/or souvenir from Cambodia.

Finally, in April 2010, it has been recognized as the first Cambodian product to benefit from the status of Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.). Senteurs d’Angkor as member of Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA) since its creation, strongly supports this initiative, promotes and protect this unique product of Cambodia. By purchasing your pepper at Senteurs d’Angkor, you are sure to bring back with you authentic and genuine Kampot pepper.



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