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Body Care box

Body Care box


This box contains :

  • 1 jasmine travel kit ( 2x soap, 1x lip balm and 1x massage oil)
  • 1 jasmine massage oil 60 ml
  • 1 lemongrass body soap 100 ml
  • 1 lotus solid perfume 15 g
  • 1 lemongrass body cream 40 g
  • 2 natural soaps
  • 1 Angkor balm® 20 g

Jasmine lip balm: This lip balm is very safe for use, especially if you have dry, chapped. It will moisturize your lips, healing cracked , lighter and naturally pink. Ingredients: sweet almond oil, beeswax, coconut oil, rice bran oil, jojoba oil, jasmine flavour, vitamin E.

Jasmine massage oil: Relieve the tension in your body and uplift the senses with this soothing oil. Place a few drops of oil onto your hands, to warm the oil, then evenly apply to the body. Ingredient: carrier oil 100% vegetable origin(sesame oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil), jasmine fragrance, vitamin E.

Lemongrass body soap ingredients: lemongrass hydrosol, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, potassium hydroxide, lauryl glucoside, glycerin, lemongrass and citronella essential oils, citric acid.

Lotus solid perfume ingredients: sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, stearic acid, beeswax, lotus fragrance, vitamin E.

Lemongrass body cream: Body cream moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin. It delicately perfumes your skin and turns dry skin soft and supple. The creamy, concentrated texture is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed. Ingredients: lemongrass hydrosol, palm oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, lemongrass & peppermint essential oils, glycerin, grapefruit seed extract. Natural ingredients. No preservatives, no paraben.

Natural soaps: are handmade in our workshop by using “cold method process”. This old and traditional method of making soap ensures that all the precious ingredients and their moisturizing qualities are protected. Ingredients : palm oil, coconut oil, lemongrass hydrosol, sodium hydroxide, fragrance and color. The color of the soap is also natural and comes from local flowers or spices. We don’t add any chemical ingredients, preservatives or artificial coloring.

Angkor Balm® is a natural and traditional pain reliever made with essential oils. It is used to relieve headaches, stuffy nose, insect bites, muscular aches and stomach pains. Ingredients : coconut oil, rice bran oil, beeswax, camphor powder, stearic acid, cajeput oil, menthol crystal, methyl salicylate, essential oils (peppermint, cassia, clove).

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 16.5 × 16.5 × 10 cm
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