Handicraft, Botanical Garden and Natural Products Made in Siem Reap, Cambodia
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Workshop Activities

DIY Activities

A photo of bunches of palm sugar leaves drying on a rack after they have been colored.

For 20 years, Senteurs d’Angkor has valued the local handcraft. By creating meaningful souvenirs from Cambodia, Senteurs d’Angkor mission is to highlight the know-how of Khmer people and the richness of their land. 

You can now play a part in this mission by making your own souvenirs working directly with our artisans.

Book a DIY Workshop Activity. Learn from a local expert. Bring home your creation and a new set of skills.

Create your own souvenirs!

An old woman teaching a child how to weave palm leaves to create their own souvenir.

Smok Weaving

The sugar palm tree is one of Cambodia’s national icons; it is an essential material for many home uses as thatch for roof and walls, mats, baskets… We use these leaves to create boxes used as packagings for our products. Learn how to weave palm leaves and create your own souvenir.

Creation: 1 souvenir box, 1 bird and/or 1 star bookmark

Duration: 1 hour

At Senteurs d'Angkor our artisan, teach the steps and guide how to make scented candle.

Candle making

Perfume your home with a Cambodia inspired aromatic candle. Our aromatic candles are made of paraffin wax, beeswax, perfume (jasmine, lotus, mango, coconut) or essential oil (lemongrass). Guided by our artisan, follow the steps and learn how to make your own scented candle.

Creation: 1 aromatic candle

Duration: 1 hour

Participant filling the lip balm during the activity at Senteurs d'Angkor Workshop

Lip balm making

Our natural lip balm are made of the best natural ingredients as beeswax, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil… It is a nourishing balm and exists in different scents.
Follow each step and learn how to make these natural lip balm sticks with the help of our natural cosmetics specialist.

Creation: 2 lip balm sticks

Duration: 40 minutes

A participant learn how to make natural unique delicacies with the help of our chef.

Candies making

The palm sugar from the sugar palm tree is a really popular ingredient of the Cambodian Cuisine.

At Senteurs d’Angkor we use it to make delicious candies. Step by step, learn how to make these natural et unique delicacies with the help of our chef.

Creation: 1 pot of candies

Duration: 40 minutes

Connect with local communities
through unique handicraft experiences.


Senteurs d’Angkor Workshop

Suitable for

7+ years old

What's included

  • 1 free tour of our workshop
  • 1 activity or package
  • 1 iced tea made by Senteurs d’Angkor

Price per person


  • 12$ for 1 activity
  • 20$ for 2 activities
  • 30$ for 3 activities 
  • 40$ for 4 activities

or on quotation depending
on the group size.

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