Handicraft, Botanical Garden and Natural Products Made in Siem Reap, Cambodia
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School trip in Siem Reap

School trip in Siem Reap
08/02/2023 Senteurs d'Angkor
Thank you to the teachers and students of Lycée Français René Descartes Phnom Penh for their visit! We were glad to welcome all of you and we hope you all had a great and fun time learning from our artisans and discovering different scents and flavours of Cambodia 😊🙏🇰🇭
🏠 Free visit of our workshops
🎨 Smok weaving and Candle making activities
(with special rates for students)
🥪 Picnic area available
➡️ If you are working at a school and you would like to organise a tour for your students as well, please send us a message via commercial@senteursdangkor.com