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Natural products handmade in Cambodia
International shipment minimum order of 80$.

Senteurs d’Angkor Workshop

located in Siem Reap, Cambodia

what to do siem reap

Admire the know-how of local craftsmen and be enriched by the Flavors and Fragrances of Cambodia.

Come to visit our workshop. Through our different workshops you will discover the manufacturing of handmade soaps made from coconut oil, natural cosmetics, subtly scented balms and aromatic candles. Then you will attend the different steps in the treatment of local spices (Kampot pepper, lemongrass, chili…), and their subtile combinations to make the traditional Curry or Amok. You will also see the art of roasting coffee beans from Ratanakiri and the creation of our flavoured coffees and teas. 

You can also admire the coloring of sugar palm leaves and their weaving to produce lovely boxes made from natural fibers, called “smoks”.

During the walk, learn to identify various exotic plants and flowers: lemongrass, chili, pepper plant, coffee tree, frangipani, hibiscus, jasmine…

Free Visit – Free tuk-tuk 

* Meeting point at Senteurs d’Angkor Shop or email to [email protected] to get more information.

what to do siem reap


For millennia, on all continents, men had discovered that the smoke of certain woods and plants could bring serenity, inner calm, which is the foundation of well-being. Nowadays, you’ll still find incense in every single pagoda in Cambodia. In our workshop, Incense cones are made of kapok tree sawdust and leaves paste, mixed with water and perfume.


Beyond rice, Cambodian cuisine uses many spices and herbs in various dishes such as “Lok Lak” (beef and pepper sauce) , "Saït Chrouk kwaï" (lacquered pork), "Ban Chaw" (pancake stuffed with herbs, pork and soy) , the amok or the "Samlor Kari" which is a very popular red curry soup.


Our natural soaps, based on coconut oil, which is in abundance here, are handmade. Soaps in different shape are available in … different scents. They are also colored with natural ingredients such as charcoal, chia seeds, lotus stamen, curcuma, red clay and lemongrass powder.

Krebei riel

Those boxes are made from sugar palm tree branches. Our artisans come from Krebei Riel village, the only village that detains and masters this know-how, where Senteurs d’Angkor also provide sustainable work to 30 other women.

Natural cosmetic

Concerning our own cosmetics range, we use the best natural ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil blended with essential oils and beeswax. We make all types of creams (face, body, hand and foot), balms, scrubs and massage oils, perfumed with the scents of Cambodia. We only use natural preservative such as Vitamin E.


The sugar palm tree is one of Cambodia’s national icons; it plays a very important role in providing material for many home uses as the leaves are used as thatch for roof and walls, mats, baskets … At Senteurs d’Angkor, we use theses leaves to create boxes as a packaging for our products. Our artisans come from Kravann village where we provide sustainable work to 80 other women.

what to do siem reap

Essential oil

Senteurs d’Angkor creates its own essential oil in order to make the best product possible, from the raw material until the final product, the process are under control. The essential oils and hydrosol obtained through the process are then used in our cosmetics.


Thanks to the richness of the local fauna and flora, there are many possibilities of flavors combination as flavoured sesame and coconut cookies or palm sugar caramelized peanuts. You’ll taste the exotic fruit jams as passion fruits or dragon fruits.

what to do siem reap


Our aromatic candles are made of paraffin wax, beeswax, perfume and essential oils. The candle are also colored with natural ingredients as the lotus stamen for the yellow color or the bamboo charcoal for the black color. Colors for every taste, you are sure to find your favorites among the different colors and patterns.

Book your free round trip tuktuk from the Senteurs d'Angkor shop, next to the Old Market, city center.