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  • C76 lip balm and soap set, all
    C76 lip balm and soap set, lemongrass

    Lip balm & soap

    The set consists of a lip balm & a natural soap in a smok box. Lip balm ingredients: sweet almond oil, beeswax, coconut oil, rice bran oil, jojoba oil,  flavour, vitamin E. Handmade soap ingredients: palm oil, coconut oil, lemongrass hydrosol, sodium hydroxide, fragrance.
  • S80 x3 elephant soap in smok, all
    S80 x3 elephant soap in smok, lotus, lemongrass and orchid

    Natural elephant soap set

    Our natural soaps are handmade in our workshop by using “cold method process”. This old and traditional method of making soap ensures that all the precious ingredients and their moisturising qualities are protected. The colour of the soap is also natural and comes from local flowers or spices. We don’t add any chemical ingredients, preservatives or artificial colouring. Net weight: 3 x 35 g
  • Tea set in krebei riel box,
    Jasmine and lemongrass tea in krebei riel box, close

    Flavoured tea duo in krebei riel box

    The art of flavoured tea begins with tea and fresh spices or flowers that have been skillfully selected, dried and blended. 2 x 50 gr
  • Cosmetic selection , lotus
    Cosmetic selection , coconut

    Natural cosmetics selection: soap, massage oil and lip balm

    The set contains a massage oil 25 ml, 2 natural soaps 2x40g and a lip balm 10g in a smok box.
  • Message oil and soaps in krebei riel box, opened
    Message oil and soaps in krebei riel box, closed

    Massage oil & handmade soap

    The set consists of a massage oil  (25ml) & two natural soaps in a krebei riel box. Message oil Ingredients : carrier oil 100% vegetable origin (sesame oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil), mango fragrance and vitamine E. How to use : Relieve the tension in your body and uplift the senses with this soothing oil. Place a few drops of oil onto your hands, to warm the oil, then evenly apply to the body.   Our natural soaps are handmade by cold process wit coconut oil as main ingredient and require 1 month drying. They are colored with natural dyes as lemongrass powder, lotus pistils, charcoal and more.