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Natural products handmade in Cambodia
International shipment minimum order of 90$.

Who are we ?

Discover Senteurs d'Angkor story

The wonderful culinary and olfactory heritage of Cambodia, has inspired the Senteurs d’Angkor range of products.

Founded in 1999, Senteurs d’Angkor has succeeded in relying on local resources to develop an original and local craft industry of high quality, maintaining working conditions that are respectful to people. Thus, our staff have good terms of employment and social protection.

The quality and authenticity of our products, along with the refinement and the originality of the packaging, make our line unique and well appreciated, especially as the majority of our raw materials come from Cambodia.

Our products are natural and handmade in our workshop in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and we carefully select all the ingredients, controlling their quality and origin. All products are paraben free, silicon free, colour free, sulfate free and are 100% natural. No animal testing.

In October 2013, Senteurs d’Angkor opened Kaya Spa in Siem Reap downtown. For the spa we created a totally new range of natural and essential oil based products for the skin, body, hair and home which are available at our spa shop since July 2015. To get a relaxing moment in a quiet area, don’t hesitate to visit us or book on-line here. 

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