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Handicraft, Botanical Garden and Natural Products Made in Siem Reap, Cambodia
International shipment minimum order of 50$.

Senteurs d’Angkor Backstage

Senteurs d'Angkor's Backstage

What do to siem reap

local economy & Farmers

For the beginning, Senteurs d’Angkor has decided to collaborate with local partners to get hold of raw materials. All suppliers we work with have been selected in order to work with them sustainably. As far, we’ve maintained confident relationships with them in order to work together for the product quality. Visiting Senteurs d’Angkor is also supporting local NGO who are engaged in raising environmental awareness, local farms who are committed in organic agriculture and also independent farmers who want to lead the movement.

hOME products

Create a unique atmosphere at home with our handmade aromatic incense cones ! Once back home, hope it will remind you the time you had here in Cambodia. 🇰🇭  Available in different scents : lotus, lemongrass, sandalwood and jasmine ! Pick up your favorite ! 💖

What do to siem reap
What do to siem reap
What do to siem reap


“Experiencing a different culture” often ranks high on people’s list of reasons for traveling internationally, and cultural immersion tours are becoming much more popular. 

Make your travel more meaningful than you expect by a mutually beneficial cultural immersion. We all love travelling, discovering to get out of our ordinary, having a deep conversation with someone so different from what we are to open our mind … Because the massive tourism make troubles to the landscapes, area and people who live there.  Because we could use our strength to make a lasting and positive impact in the lives of people in their community. 

Thank you for Soulcial Trust to have spoke about us ! Let’s go further ! 


Coffee time ! ⏰☕ … with this delicious Cambodian coffee • dried, ground, flavoured and served by Senteurs d’Angkor ! 🌿

Cinamon, Lemongrass or natural … Let’s sample our handmade mocktails or tea / coffee at this end of your stroll !

what to do siem reap
What do to siem reap


Distillation requires a real team work ! You can see Sinorn and Ngek (from our spices department) compressing the lemongrass leaves into the steam still, helped by Chanrath who is in charge of the distillation. Then they close the still and get everything ready to extract the essential oil. As much the lemongrass leaves are compressed, as much essential oil we will get 👌🌿 !

a true image of Cambodia

Enjoy a full shopping experience while visiting Senteurs d'Angkor Workshop & Garden ! The free guided tour of our workshop will allow you to see how each of the products that you will find in our showroom is skillfully handmade to become the perfect gift and souvenir from Cambodia to bring back home.
💕🇰🇭 🌿☀️

Cultural products

The strong or soft Angkor Balm, herbal and minty smelling balm used over Southeast Asia is well-known around the world for its healing power. In the Cambodian culture, they’ll use it for almost every aches they get. With a sharp shape, they scratch the skin until burn marks appear. It has been recognized as an headaches reliever, but also efficient for backaches, stuffy nose, insect bites, muscular aches and stomach pains.


Senteurs d’Angkor has given full value to the local handcraft. By offering meaningful souvenirs from Cambodia, we are committed to highlight the know-how of Khmer people. Along the visit, tourists will be introduced in the daily work of locals and could admire the creations of those people who have helped the project coming true. By supporting the traditional crafts, such as weaving of palm leaves or the cuisine and its spices, locals would pass the skills to the next generation and keep the art and craft alive.

What do to siem reap

Nicely packaged

Based on our convictions, we’ve opted for natural packaging to highlight our products and offer a charming finishing touch. Our purpose was to bring back the forgotten-traditional-wrapping up-to-date. The sugar palm tree is one of the most widespread tree in Cambodia and also the most used for its properties. Leaves and branches are flexible enough to be worked and designed to suit our products. We’ve also developed partnerships around Cambodia to create a synergy and gather the talents. On that way, you could find silver, ceramic, cardboard box or glass container on our shelves.