Handicraft, Botanical Garden and Natural Products Made in Siem Reap, Cambodia
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Senteurs d’Angkor

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A Responsible travel is about rediscovering nature by immersing yourself in it, smelling it, feeling it and learning about it. Along the visit of the Workshop, You’ll learn about the locals’ relationships with their natural environment, how they co-exist together. Khmer people have been familiar with the nature, living harmoniously within it and get inspiration from it. Faithfully transposing this idea into a workshop area was the first aim of this project. The deeper you go into our visit, the more you’ll understand part of the local culture.

Senteurs d’Angkor have created a complete range for those who want to bring home souvenirs carefully prepared from the raw material until the packaging. More than products, a handmade souvenir is likely one of the best representations of the culture in which you have immersed yourself for the duration of your trip. By this way, you support financially the local communities and local economy and help traditional handcraft conservation. You also cap your footprint by choosing local instead of manufactured products from abroad.

Based on our convictions, we’ve opted for natural packaging to highlight our products and offer a charming finishing touch. Our purpose was to bring back the forgotten-traditional-wrapping up-to-date. The sugar palm tree is one of the most widespread tree in Cambodia and also the most used for its properties. Leaves and branches are flexible enough to be worked and designed to suit our products. We’ve also developed partnerships around Cambodia to create a synergy and gather the talents. On that way, you could find silver, ceramic, cardboard box or glass container on our shelves.